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    I have Garmin nuvi 650 model. The intern card is 1.87 GB, so i want to update it with new maps. I downloaded 2011.10 maps but they are almost 2GB. Is there any way with some files to redirect reading the maps from the external SD card?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Hi I need HELP!

    use the unlocked img and copy it in your sd in a Garmin named folder- delete any same region map in internal memory, but before make a backup of it on your pc
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      Re: Hi I need HELP!

      I have the same issue. I just deleted the states I knew I was not going to be going near (Alaska) and the result was a map that would fit the internal memory. Note: you may also need to delete some of the voice files you are not using to make room for the larger maps. Make sure you back everything up before attempting changes!!


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        newbi with a 650 nuvi

        new to this so please bear with me. how do i get the 2012 map update and install on my garmin nuvi 650.

        any help would be greatly appreciated


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          Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

          I am very new in the garmin section and i need some hlep.
          I have received from my brother as a gift a device gamrin nuvi 650 euro. Due to the change of house of them, they have lost all the papers and driver cd... now the question is how could i refresh the maps on the device? i have in the sd slot an old (but original) hungarian map sd card. i want to put on it a full europe map if it is possible.
          Another problem that i have is that when i switch the device on i got a message on the top of the screen that the "GPS is off", what should i do to fix it?
          Is there any possibility to upgrade the nagitaion software? It is a bit urgent due to the fact that i will travell in a week to italy, and i need the navi.
          How could i copy the new maps to the device? i need a software? where could i download the necessary sofwares? should i unclock it?
          could i upgrade the frmware of the device? or could i upgrade the navigation software?
          Best reghards and thanks in advance for your help!


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            Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

            Use WebUpdate, is a garmin software, it will update your device with Firm, voices, ecc..
            Garmin | WebUpdater
            for the maps you can find here
            Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2012.10 [MAPSOURCE] [UNLOCKED IMG]

            take an Unlocked IMG, create a folder "Garmin" in your SD and put the gmapsuppp.img (the map) file inside this folder.
            Remember to download a smaller then 2GB map, in nuvi 600 serie Full map can't be read, use the 1.96GB map
            Garmin FAQ
            Not Compatible with CN Europe NT 2011.30 or newer


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              Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

              Kor@l, thanks fro the prompt reply!
              so this one will not work on the 650: 2) CN Europe 2012.10 Unlocked MAPSOURCE
              so if i want to use one for whole europe which one should i donwload?
              sorry for being so newbie :S


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                Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

                2) CN Europe 2012.10 Unlocked MAPSOURCE is for PC install, you can create your personal map with this. Take a look here:

                If you need a Copy&Go map is beter this one for Nuvi 600 serie
                4) CN Europe 2012.10 1.96GB Unlocked IMG (No UK & ROI)


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                  Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

                  ohh the problem is that this map has no uk or roi ...could i delete some other countries and include this ones?
                  i will check how i could customize the map... i will try learn by reading through the forum, i have already done it but i did not understand too much


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                    Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

                    If you use a SD Card can put the 1.96GB map in it and than put the UK and Ireland in Nuvi's memory, go in setting and in map info select both maps and you will have all Europe, thats all


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                      Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

                      good idea ))
                      and one more question, do you know why i get that info when i switch on the devce that gps is off?


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                        Re: newbi with a 650 nuvi

                        Usualy GPS is off when you are in simulation or not enable to find a good signal.


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                          Re: Garmin Nuvi Problems Discussion

                          Sorry if thread jacking but I have a problem with my nuvi 650.
                          By accident deleted the GPS's internal HD.
                          Tried Hard reset, but all seems to be lost gone.
                          Any help greatly appreciated!
                          Thanks in advance.


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                            Antenna versions on Nuvi 650

                            I have two Nuvi 650's. They do not have a flip up antenna which I notice on some other units. Which version is the latest one? Comments on relative effectiveness? Thanks.


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                              Re: Antenna versions on Nuvi 650

                              ALL 650's I have seen DO have a flip up antenna

                              If the antenna is not flipped up will say GPS is off.....there is a magnet in the antenna that turns off a switch when it is closed