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    Is there a source for all the files required for a nuvi 270? I gave a friend the latest 2011.10 map img, but it would not fit on the unit (it also had european maps installed). For some reason, there were MULTIPLE diag directories on the unit, and he could not delete them, so that he could free up enough room for the newer img file. He had backed up the 270 files, and then reformatted the nuvi. When he copied the 270 files back to the unit, from his computer, it did some funky things.

    Any ideas?

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    Garmin 270 map files

    I am trying to 'fix' a Garmin 270 that someone reformatted and wiped out. I have it going again, with the City Navigator North America NT 2011.20, thanks.

    I still have some of the original files and am trying to figure out which file might be the original Europe maps. Anybody have one? File dates are no help, as they've been copied over and over. Maybe file size?

    And, sorry for the newby question, but how do you run two different maps on the same unit? The North American map is named gmapprom.img, so once I figure out which is which, what would I name the Europe file? Is there a way to have the Garmin automatically choose the correct file, or do I merge them into one, or manually go in and select the file I want to use?

    Thanks for your help.


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      Re: Garmin 270 map files

      Hi airboss,
      for figuring out, what maps you have, you can use gmaptool (out of the tool section). Just add the file and push the detail button, then you can see the mapset name of the map and a lot of other usefull informations in the log.
      You can name the Europe map file gmapsupp.img (if there is not already one with this name) or gmapsup2.img. Both should work.
      If the maps cover different areas you should activate both of them and your device will use the right one for the places where you are.


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        Re: Garmin 270 map files

        On my Nüvi 670, which also is a model with both NA and EU maps. The two mapsets are named gmapprom.img and gmapprom1.img with the EU-maps being the larger file.