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  • StreetPilot c310

    i have an old street pilot 310c and i am looking for some new maps for the uk can someone please point me in the right direction

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    Re: street pilot

    Right diredction: Here you see that NT maps are working on the device, the latest is 2011.10


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      Re: street pilot

      just to let you know i used this file and it works perfectly cheers tom1807 for pointing me in the right direction

      Great Britain (incl. Northern Ireland)/Ireland


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        How to update the map on a Streetpilot c310 with UK & ROI


        I bought my Streetpilot c310 in 2005 and wanted to update the map.

        I am new to map updates but I managed it after reading many posts here and did it as follows:

        1. To check your current map version press the spanner on the front screen, then press the map icon and then the map info button at the bottom of the screen.
        I had - City Nav Europe NT+ v8

        2. Remove the SD card from the side of the unit and place it to one side (then you can always go back to it if all else fails).

        3. Format a new 1GB SD card as FAT (I tried with a 4GB card and it would not read it so ended up with a 1GB Sandisk)

        4. When formatted, create a directory on the SD card called 'Garmin' (without the quotes obviously)

        5. Now, download the new map from:
        City Navigator Europe NT UK & Rep. Of Ireland
        UPLOADSTATION UK_and_RoI_2012.20 UNL.rar (I used this link of the two available - its near the bottom of the page)

        6. Unzip the downloaded .rar folder (UK_and_RoI_2012.20_UNL) and in it is a file called gmapsupp.img
        The file size was 216,660KB

        7. Copy this unlocked map file gmapsupp.img into the 'Garmin' folder on the newly formatted SD card

        8. Insert the SD card and now pressing Spanner/Map/Mapinfo shows - CN Europe NT 2012.2

        A huge thanks to Kor@l


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          Re: How to update the map on a Streetpilot c310 with UK & ROI

          My father give me his old Streetmap c310, and I tried to charge the versions of City Navigator 2012,2011,2010 and 2009 and I always have the same problem, I see the streets correctly, but I can't select a region, because there aren't any region to choose, then I can't write the complete direction.
          I donwload the IMG's maps, and use Gmaptool to put the archives in Basecamp, because if I paste the IMG map in the SD card, the device dont' recognizes it.


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            Re: How to update the map on a Streetpilot c310 with UK & ROI

            Excuse me
            Thank you