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  • zūmo 660

    HI all

    Up until a week ago I had a Tom Tom Rider v2, but sold it as I thought i would prefer the I got a Zumo 660....Now I have it not sure which I prefer, both have good bad and really crap points...any way back to the subject of this post.

    I just got the Zumo, and it came with the ability to download a first free map update, so you start with a new map on your new machine the TomTom LMG.

    So I downloaded it and ran installed and all fine.

    But there are a lot of files in the Zumo Garmin folder.

    If I wanted to share my new free map with all you good people out there...which img file would I need to share ? Which one goes in the Unocker program?

    The instruction say:
    1. copy your IMG file

    but there is a load of img files ...which one do you guys need?...the big one I am guessing, but what about the others

    Oh, the map I just d/loaded is Zumo 660 City Navigator Europe 2011 Update

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    Re: Garmin unlocker alternative New v.5.2....what files do you need and how to share


    The big file , named surely gmapprom.img or very similar is the CN Europe.
    Other files ate timezone map and possibly a World map routable.
    Tell us the name of the files.
    Copy your files to the PC and open them with a program called gmaptool (search for it. site is something like Anko and is in Poland

    If you bought a Zumo you have a motorcicle. If you have one, maybe you can do off road with it. You will discover that fot "OFF-Road" there are no GPS like Garmin ones.
    Almost surely yoy will find Topografic Maps for your zone.

    If not, you can always use Bleuchart Maps to sail aroun the world, and always with your Zumo. Tomtom can not do that :-)


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      garmin zumo 660 how to turn off speed beeping

      helou all

      i have garmin zumo on my bike and its keep bugging me with the sound off over the speed limit while im listening to my mp3's
      how can i turn off this sound?

      tnx T.


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        Re: garmin zumo 660 how to turn off speed beeping

        Tools -> Settings -> Proximity Points -> change your preferred setting at Proximity Alert
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          zūmo 660

          I have on the Zumo 660 the possibility to insert e Micro Sd card. The basic installation is on the internal memory card of the Garmin. Can i Use the new inserted Micro card to put additional maps on it. When i put the additional new map (Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2011.20) on the Micro SD card in directory garmin/gmapsupp.img + gmapsupp.unl + GMAP3D.IMG (unlocked whit JM-KG.exe) i get the message "Cannot authenticate maps" What is wrong. The original map (still on the internal memory card) is named "gmapprom.img"
          ZUMO 660


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            re: zūmo 660

            Hey, I can help here i think

            Installing 2011.20 On 62s

            Ok this is some advice for people installing this Map on the new firmware GPS's ie 62s in my case.

            1. Install Mapsource 16.2
            2. Replace Mapsource.exe with the patched version
            3. Install 2011.20 Map 'Remember to use the file CNEUNT2011_20Update.msi under IMG Dir to install as other way asks for serial'
            4. Unlock the Map using Jetmouse 1.5 KeyGen 'Map code 2266'
            5. Select what Map you want or ALL of Europe
            6. Send to Device 'Select a HDD or GPS doesnt matter where'
            7. Find the file 'gmapsupp' which has been created 'I send mine to my HDD a its faster'
            8. Use Garmin unlocker Alternative v5.3 to unlock the Map.
            9. Copy the unlocked map back to the GPS /Garmin Directory.
            10. FINISHED

            The reason why you have to do this method with the 62s and newer firmware GPS's is because they have a more sophisticated protection. If you don't follow these steps and just unlock the map with Mapsource then what happens is once it gets sent to the GPS and you turn on the GPS it will display 'CANT AUTHENTICATE'. Wont load the map.

            My method above works I have used it, I am not 100% sure if its the easiest or correct way but IT WORKS

            Processing.... Processing....
            This was taken from this thread
            Please let us know if it works
            Garmin 62s
            8Gb Micro SD


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              re: zūmo 660

              Many new garmin devices, or older ones but with new firmware, cannot unlock new maps using the Gmapsupp.unl file created by the keygen1.5

              The solution is to unlock those xxxxx.img files with "Garmin unlocker Alternative" from here

              Follow the instructions and the xxxxx.img file will be unlocked for all devices.
              It is much easier than using KeyGen1.5


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                Deleting map in Zumo 660

                I had two maps in the device. So i have deleted one (gmappsup.img). The two maps are still in the menu. Suggestions please. Thank You.
                ZUMO 660


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                  Re: Deleting map in Zumo 660

                  Originally posted by brocot View Post
                  I had two maps in the device. So i have deleted one (gmappsup.img). The two maps are still in the menu. Suggestions please. Thank You.
                  No one to help me please ?
                  ZUMO 660


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                    re: zūmo 660

                    Thanks guys


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                      garmin display language

                      After restoring the backup and updating mi Zumo 660, the display language is English. How do I change that please?

                      Ok, problem solved. After the webupdate i had the choice.
                      Last edited by brocot; 26th November 2010, 08:00.
                      ZUMO 660


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                        display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

                        there is any application or program to display the Garmin Zumo in
                        the PC? Thanks


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                          Re: display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

                          not sure what you meant by displaying zumo in pc but to view map before transfer to zumo, you can use mapsource
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                            Re: display the Garmin Zumo in the PC

                            I mean to show the Garmin Zumo screen on your computer, to use the
                            monitor as a screen when I connect remotely with TeamViewer


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                              Zumo 660 sometimes says: there are locked data files on the unit


                              I've got a zumo 660 with a 8gb sd card with mp3 folder and also map and poi.
                              Sometimes when I start my device, I have this message: " there are locked data files on you unit." I can run the device in navigation mode, but I have no access to mp3. When i try to listen music, it said " no mp3 files found." I have to switch the unit off and switch it on again. Sometime I to do this 2 or 3 times before it starts properly. Any solution on this ?

                              Thank you for your help.