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MapInstall Fails after 2019.11 Update

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  • MapInstall Fails after 2019.11 Update

    I just installed the 2019.11 update on my 3760 (which has lifetime updates) and on my PC. As in the past, I unlocked the PC maps with unlock_mapset_2, then tried to create a gmapsupp.img with MapInstall (to be used on my other devices). This time, MapInstall came back with a complaint that it couldn't write the map set since the map set was 1.8 GB (or thereabouts) and my USB had 16 GB (or thereabouts) free. Obviously, there was plenty of room for the map set. Has something changed to cause MapInstall to fail? If so, is there a workaround? Thanks.
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    Your downloads is broken - it is error for damaged files especially tdb!