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New Garmin Track Management Application

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  • New Garmin Track Management Application

    Rather than managing your GPS tracks on your PC/Mac you can now use a free and easy online website called Breadcrumbs ( Breadcrumbs allows you to organize your GPS tracks, photos and videos from your adventure all in one place.

    Here is an example of one of my tracks I made public:

    - Simple import wizard with direct support for Garmin devices and GPX
    - 3D visual of your track including playback using Google Earth plugin
    - Share your track on Facebook or via email
    - Automatic placement of your photos and videos on the track

    Check it out.


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    Re: New Garmin Track Management Application

    Woow, looks just like something i was looking for!!

    I havent figured out how to import multiple tracks at once, because my Zumo creates a lot of separate tracks, everytime it looses connection or is turned of, so my weekend to germany consist of maybe 40 or 50 seprated tracks that must be merged. Guess i'll do the merging in Mapsource and then upload them to Breadcrums


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      Re: New Garmin Track Management Application

      Glad you like it!

      A solution to deal with merging tracks is coming soon. I have the same problem with my Garmin eTrex so I know how annoying can be.


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        Re: New Garmin Track Management Application

        Sorry for replying to this thread, but in fact I found here no option to create a new one.

        The fact is that I wanted to know why the app "Where I've been" in my nĂ¼vi 2455LM doesnt show the whole way I've actually been that day,
        I mean, in a long trip, instead of showing all the track I passed, it shows like 50% or less. It is really frustrating and I really dont knwo how to resolve this bug. Do you recommend something to resolve it?

        Thanks in advance and sorry for enteering in ths thread!