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  • GPSmapedit

    GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 67.2)
    (May 26th, 2011)

    This software is designed for visual authoring of GPS-maps in various proprietary cartographic formats:

    * Polish format (input files for cGPSmapper.exe)
    * Lowrance MapCreate
    * ALAN Map 500/600
    * Holux MapShow
    * Navitel Navigator (navigation software for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone)
    * and custom POIs and speedcams for Garmin POI Loader, TomTom OV2, Nav N Go iGO, Navitel Navigator

    Platform: MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
    GUI language: English (U.S.), French, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Polish, Persian

    * New feature: The installer is available
    * Enhancement: GUI localization for Polish (beta-version, thanks to Alf/red/) and French (beta-version based on automatic translation) is added.
    * Enhancement: Localization of type sets "Holux/ALAN" and "Lowrance" as well as names of bookmark types for Portuguese (Brazil) is added
    * Fix: Loading of some of Garmin .IMG files with custom 3-byte types of objects
    * Fix: Automatic correction of RoadID ? NodeID attributes in some cases
    * Fix: On exiting application with unsaved changes, pressing ESC now cancels exit but not saving
    * Fix: Enabling/disabling the "Locate" button in the list of cities
    * Fix: Context menu button behaviour
    * Enhancement: Mouse wheel behaviour for some of mouses
    * Enhancement: If "Google Maps" is turned on, all context menus are extended with sub-menu 'Google Maps'.
    * Fix: The context menu item 'Google Maps | Refresh Tile' is now enabled for just started application with all tiles available from the cache
    * Fix: Crash while exporting of some maps to the format .NM2 for Navitel 3.2.6
    * Enhancement: Automatic removal of track jitters is now suppressed for artifically created tracks
    * Enhancement: Pressing Alt+Enter now shows Properties, provided that some object is selected
    * Fix: Converting to polygon or polyline now preserves the selection
    * New feature: In the context menu of the tool 'Create Object | Polyline', menu item 'End (with closing)' is added
    * Enhancement: In the "Object Properties" window, "Address" tab, the field "Number:" may be increased or decreased by keyboard up/down arrow buttons
    * Enhancement: Pressing Enter now closes all input boxes like "??" even if the input focus is moved to some another button
    * Enhancement: The tool 'Create Object' preserves the kind of created object after re-starting GPSMapEdit.
    * Enhancement: The buttons "Last" preserve their state after re-starting GPSMapEdit
    * Fix: Removal of points of polygon hole in some cases
    * Fix: "Stick to Neighbours" now works for maps without zoom levels
    * Fix: The context menu item 'Points...' now works for maps without zoom levels
    * Fix: "Snap to Grid" now does not affect dragging of bookmarks.
    * Fix: "Snap to Grid" for creation of rectangles and polygon strips ('Tools | Create Object | Polygon: Rectangle' and 'Polygon: Strip')
    * Fix: Incorrect splitting numbering along roads while splitting polyline in some cases
    * Enhancement: To achieve similar behaviour with the other tools, the tool 'Tools | Create Object | Polygon: Strip') now completes creation at the last added point - in contrast to current cursor position as earlier
    * Enhancement: The tools creating polylines, polygons and polygon strips now show additional contour of future object based on last added point (the difference of contours is highlighted using lighter color).
    * Enhancement: The support of skins for Navitel 3.5 and 5.0

    Software and keygen

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    Re: GPSmapedit

    I do not know what I am doing wrong, because keygen ask me for a computer ID, where I can find my computer ID? to generate the activation key


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      Re: GPSmapedit

      Originally posted by ernestoaviles View Post
      I do not know what I am doing wrong, because keygen ask me for a computer ID, where I can find my computer ID? to generate the activation key
      Open "GPSMapEdit --> Help --> Activate Licence Key --> Computer ID (Copy/Paste to Keygen)


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        Re: GPSmapedit

        Thank you it work!!!!!!


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          Re: GPSmapedit

          GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 66.7 & update 66.4)
          (December 4-5th, 2010)
          * Fix: Error in "Verify Map" in some cases (thanks to Sergey Lip).
          * Fix: Not showing context menus after some time of work (thanks to CoBra).
          * New feature: Exporting bookmarks to comma-separated values table (.CSV) (menu item 'File | Export | Bookmarks to | Comma-separated text file (*.csv)'). Each type of bookmarks is exported to separate .CSV file into the folder selected by user.
          * New feature: New types of bookmarks are introduced: "Custom POI" (custom POIs for Garmin POI Loader and TomTom OV2), "Speed camera" (speedcams for Garmin POI Loader and iGO).
          * New feature: Import and export of custom POIs and speedcams in the format of Garmin POI Loader .CSV as bookmarks of the corresponding types mentioned above.
          * New feature: Import and export of custom POIs in the format TomTom .OV2 as bookmarks of the type "Custom POI".
          * New feature: Import and export of speedcams in the .TXT format for iGO as bookmarks of the type "Speed camera".
          * Enhancement: In the window "Properties" for bookmarks, the support of TAB, SHIFT+TAB, UP, DOWN buttons is added.
          * Enhancement: In the window "Properties" for bookmarks, the "Time" field is added to define exact time associated with bookmark. (NOTE: The time is stored inside .MP file as GMT, and it is converted to local time before showing it.)
          * New feature: New menu item 'View | Camera View' shows tool for capturing JPEG image from external or built-in camera. If GPS positioning is turned on, image is saved with current position in the EXIF header.
          NOTE: This feature requires license key. In demo mode, the function is availabe during 1 minute from the first using after every launching GPSMapEdit.
          The camera must support Microsoft DirectShow. Image is captured in the resolution of current video stream (high-definition photo resolution, if any, is not supported). The photo taking is not available under Windows 98/2000.
          * Enhancement: In the window "Properties" for bookmarks with type "File link/Photo", the button for taking photograph from camera is added. Depending on the settings, the reference to the image file may be stored by absolute path as well as by relative one to current map.
          * Enhancement: Toolbar may have multiple lines of buttons depending on the width of the main window.
          * Enhancement: GUI localization for Portuguese (Brazil) (translated by Camilo Barreto) and Persian (translated by Farhad Kiani) is available.
          * Enhancement: Mirrored GUI for Middle East languages (e.g. Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) is supported. In this update, mirrored GUI is available for Persian.
          * Enhancement: Translation of type names in German, Russian and Spanish is updated for the type sets "Garmin" and "Navitel".
          * Enhancement: Translation of type names for the type sets "Garmin" and "Navitel" is added for 28 new languages.
          * Enhancement: New transliteration table (the file .\_Transliteration\trans-pl.dat) for Polish to Latin is added (thanks to Ar't).
          * Enhancement: In the settings, 'Common' tab, the list "Interface language" now shows additionally all the languages the type names translated to, in combination with English (U.S.) for the main GUI interface.
          * Enhancement: Localized type names are shown everywhere in GPSMapEdit instead of former type names in English. In the window "Select Type", the column with type names in English is preserved, but as complimentary one to the column with localized type names.
          * Enhancement: All the files type-*.dat responsible for type names translation are moved to the subfolder .\_Types. All these files are now encoded in UTF-8 (however ANSI encoding is still supported too.)
          * Enhancement: New menu item 'View | Outline Labels' shows/hides the outline for labels (thanks to Doozer).
          * Fix: Automatic selection of color for label outlining is fixed.
          * Fix: On menu item 'Edit | Select | By Type...', the button "OK" is enabled initially for the list of types (thanks to Mik.RU).
          * Fix: Crash while exporting some of maps to format .NM2 for Navitel 3.2.6 (thanks to Peyo Labov, autostavrroute).
          * Fix: Menu item 'View | Show Labels' now affects bookmarks.
          * Fix: Menu item 'View | Show Numbers along Roads' now affects selected road (thanks to Gary Turner).
          * Enhancement: In the tool 'Edit Points', the inner area of selected polygons is not outlined. Instead, only contour is outlined (thanks to L_G).
          * Fix: Copying bookmarks in some cases.
          * Fix: Sorting of some columns in some lists (e.g. the list of attached files) now is case-insensitive (thanks to vasketsov).
          * Fix: Sticking of polyline and polygon points is not applied to neighbour note drawings (thanks to Doozer).
          * Enhancement: Automatic resizing of the in-place edit box for labels (thanks to topograf).
          * Enhancement: The projection "EPSG:3395" is supported for .ECW format (thanks to topograf).
          * Fix: Crash while viewing some of EXIF photographs (thanks to Evgeniy Ukhanov).
          * Enhancement: Before pasting from clipboard, warning about inconsistent set of zoom levels is shown (thanks to Ar't).
          * New feature: Converting polyline to note drawing (context menu item 'Modify | Kind | Convert to Note Drawing') (thanks to Dr.B).
          * New feature: Converting waypoint to bookmark (context menu item 'Convert to | Bookmark...').
          * Enhancement: In the list of cities, new column "Locatable" is added. It shows is there a point object indexed as corresponding city.
          * Enhancement: The appearnce of "Verify Map" window is changed: the set of available checks is now shown as tree; all the checks are sorted by categories.
          * Enhancement: The list of checks in "Verify Map" is extended by new checks of map header, labels, cities etc. For maps with the type set "Garmin", new "Check for limit of 60 routing nodes per road" is added (thanks to Jan Vanslembrouck).


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            Re: GPSmapedit

            This still requires a valid licence key for the activation to work properly and overcome the GPSmapedit restrictions?



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              Re: GPSmapedit

              Originally posted by Bushwalker8 View Post
              This still requires a valid licence key for the activation to work properly and overcome the GPSmapedit restrictions?

              You can try this software.
              More complicated and many x better that GPsmapedit.
              Works with many different type of maps.
              Only problem - you had to learn it well enough to use it


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                Re: GPSmapedit

                Hello, I understand to activate the "activation key" but I can not find the number of "license key" (the first box of the window "license key") and nothing censored in the file "nfo" ; Do you have a number of "license key " ? please, thank you

                Edit :I am stupid, I did not copy the whole of the text "BEGIN ACTIVATION KEY-----STUPID-----END ACTIVATION KEY"
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                  Re: GPSmapedit

                  Version with REG-File works without Keygen.
                  You just have to use the REG-file.
                  The license Key in the picture above is in that REG-file, but that key didn't work for newer versions, even with keygen and pasting the whole text "BEGIN ... KEY". To be exact: the software only let you think that you are registered, but if you load an image-file and look for the GOOGLE-map then you can see "not registrated" and no google-map.

         with REG-File let you see the google-map


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                    Re: GPSmapedit

                    Originally posted by lorenzassio View Post

                    Edit :I am stupid, I did not copy the whole of the text "BEGIN ACTIVATION KEY-----STUPID-----END ACTIVATION KEY"
                    Guess I'm as stupid as you are ... :-)


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                      Re: GPSmapedit




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                        Re: GPSmapedit

                        Hi Marian, thanks. Not working with Google Earth, but from what I noticed the other functions are active..


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                          Re: GPSmapedit

                          In the first post added new version of the program

                          GPSMapEdit v1.0.67.2

                          Software and keygen
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                            Re: GPSmapedit

                            Hello, when i try to load GoogleMap images, it shows NOT REGISTERED on the mosaico. Is there a working crack/keygen ?



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                              Re: GPSmapedit

                              Using V1.0.67.2. When I d/l 3 OSM .img files I can add them together and save as .mp file. When I try to export as Alan500 .lst files I get the error msg 'Export only available to CRD/LST format only in registered copy. The software shows all signs of being registered. I would like to use this S/w for my Holux GM-100 GPS but if there is anything else that will created CRD or LST files then I would appreciate your advice.