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Using Mapsource for customised maps

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  • Using Mapsource for customised maps

    Hi All,
    I've tried to have a look around the different sections for the answer to my question but so far without success which is why I'm throwing this question out there.

    Does anybody know of a well documented / detailed tutorial / video on how to use Mapsource to create a custom map?

    Let me explain

    I anticipate installing for example Mapsource 2017.10 ( or 2017.20) on the PC and loading the full EU map ( which may or may not be locked) . However what I'm really after is to used this FULL EU map to create for example a map for say Scotland only BUT that has all the SAME content that would be available on any of the other standalone maps (ie: France, Iberia, DACH etc etc) available in the maps section such as being routeable, POI's etc etc (ie: again exactly the same as any of the standalone maps mentioned) . I also want to be able to combine this customised map with say the JVC lane assist files ...for full junction view.

    What I'm typically looking at would be something like and post #5.

    Bear in mind that i will NOT be doing this while connect to the Navi device as it's a Kenwood I.C.E. head unit with inbuilt Garmin support ( supports unicode varient of mapping). I could typically take a standalone unicode map source and install it no problem but with maps getting bigger and running out of space on the device , I now need to start looking at customised maps.

    Is this even feasible?

    Kind Regards