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Writing to Garmin Data Card

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  • Writing to Garmin Data Card

    How do you write a mapfile to a Garmin Data Card.
    Mapinstall don't recignise the (*.img) file.
    This is for A marine Chartplotter. using the garmin 32mb data card, not a SD card.
    it's a 492 marine chartplotter..I have the G2 Vision file for the region I want to
    load to the card.
    Using Garmin card programmer, windows cannot see the usb programmer only
    garmins programs can see it, but they don't see the file itself.

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    Re: Writing to Garmin Data Card

    Use homeport or mapsource to read the G2 vision file.
    Split the img for installation into mapsource if necessary using gmaptool.
    Transfer to data card via USB programmer after selection of map areas.

    read here for more info

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      Re: Writing to Garmin Data Card

      Luke, I have been searching for hours on how best to do this too. I have the GPSMAP 498 and would really love to have lakes Michigan and Huron on my data card. Garmin support said the vision maps will not work on these units. Others here indicated they might work but with limited functions. The only thing I've been able to figure out so far is how to load the product updates to the card. Not too hard since it's an .EXE file...

      Let me know if you find something that works