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Navigon Setting to Use POI in Address Search

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  • Navigon Setting to Use POI in Address Search


    I upgraded my 7200T from MN 7.3.5 to MN 7.4.2 and am using the Q1 2010 NA maps. Everything works fine except for something that I found very handy with POI's. I am no longer able to enter a POI when doing an address search. What i mean is this: using 7.3.5, when selecting "New Destination --> Enter an Address", once i entered a city and needed to enter a street, i could then enter a POI in that city in addition to a street. So, i could enter something like "BEST BUY", and it would find it. If there were multiple, then it would give me a chance to find the one I wanted. Well, with MN 7.4.2, this is no longer an option. I can only enter streets. I've tried looking at the various XML configuration files but have been unsuccessful in finding where to enable this option. I've even compared the configuration files to those in MN 7.3.5 with no luck. Can anyone help?