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    Hi all, i have a 3.5" Foehn & Hirsch sat nav from Ebuyer can the software be updated to Tom Tom or some other software, any help please ! T I A

    Sorry just noticed posted in wrong section, can a mod move it please,bloody newbies hey.
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    Re: Foehn & Hirsch

    The device you have is very versatile. I've run IGO 8 on it and TomTom v7.

    Currently I have TomTom version 7.450 (9028) and UK/ROI maps 850_2820.

    Usually I use IGO 8, which has been amazing to use, but the menus are not as well thought out as TomTom. Also, the voice stalls regularly, and the instructions are sometimes misleading: tells you to TURN when you simply need to follow the road, or telling you to TURN HALF Left or Right, when you need simply to TURN.

    Sometimes it tells you to take the nth exit from a roundabout because it treats an entry point as an exit.

    I have now reloaded TomTom and I've loving the simple menus. But I'm missing the way IGO allows me to tweak the display. I'll be giving it a real test over the next few days.


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      Re: Foehn & Hirsch

      Can you put together a tutorial for us on how to run Tom Tom Maps on my F & S N30.
      I am a little new to all this and thought I woul give it a go.