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how to install maps with version 7.0.12 2110max gps

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  • how to install maps with version 7.0.12 2110max gps


    I want a person who has the 2110 max GPS version 7.0.12, for him to tell me how he managed to install new maps.

    thank you.

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    Re: how to install maps with version 7.0.12 2110max gps

    Hello James 123,

    I have similar navigation - 2100 max - witch is nearly the same one, but is little bit older.
    I have write before 2 days - how i have successful instal new maps 2011 Q1 on my Navigon.
    That is written on this link:

    If you have still not succeed with installing new maps - please write me again.

    Best Regards to you!


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      Re: how to install maps with version 7.0.12 2110max gps


      I've got a Navigon 2110max and there are still the maps on it from when I bought it a few years ago. So now I want to update the maps and I want to add the maps of North America because I'll be going on Holidays there soon so I can use my own system and dont have to rent one.

      Now I've downloaded a lot of files and torrents but I'm not quite sure what to do in the first place. Here is the stuff I already got:

      Upgrade (With two folders in it called UpdateME_2100_MAX and Upgrade 21xxmax รณ NAVIGON 4310)
      Navigon Europe Q3 12 (With 4 folders: GTA City Models Q3.2012, MAP Q3.2012, NFS Previous Versions and NFS Q3.2012)
      Navigon North America Q1 12 (With 2 folders: map and poi)

      My system is a Navigon 2110max with Version 7.0.13 according to Navigon Fresh.

      So my Questions now are:

      Do I have to update my system before applying new maps? And how do I do it with the files I got?
      Can I have North America & Europe on the same SD card or do I need two seperate ones?
      Is applying maps just copy&paste the .map files on my Navigon?

      Thanks for any help, step by step instructions would be really cool! I'm not new to jailbreaking/cracking soft- & hardware but I just dont want to mess up my Navigon because I need it for my job. So thanks again.