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  • Explaining of files?


    Lovely to see the page up and running again!

    What I have been looking for is some explanation of the files and what they do.

    For example, brunnel.nfs ? what's that file for?
    Phoneme_Eu.nfs whats it for?

    If someone had the time, and knowledge they maybe could write it in a thread. So we know what the files are for, and if we need it or not.
    As it is now I am scared deleting something so any features would be removed.


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    Re: Explaining of files?

    Similar request but i would also suggest we could make a sticky on which are the CORE system files (needed by all vs needed by model) and WHICH files are REQUIRED for N AMerica VS EUROPE
    (as Navigon support is poor in US, I would still like to use latest MN7 software but keep my own maps, POIs , voices, even if they are a little older version)


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      Re: Explaining of files?

      here is a brief discription of what files are for

      - MapDrawer= just what it saids, draw the map pic.
      - Phoneme= Voice commands
      - poicast= point of interest, like gas stations, mall and so on
      - RealityView, stuff u see as u drive, like signs, exits and so on.
      - sat= satellite
      - TMC= traffic
      - brunnel= this is the file that simulate ur moving wile in side tunnels
      - Landmarks= it explains it self, like really all city structures.
      - POM is the file extension file for the point of interests
      - lng= languages
      - TTS= text-to-speech will be the voice that tells u directions
      - POIWarner and Red light= is for speed cams, red light cams but it will also, show u same information or similar info like Point-Of-Interest. (gas stations, Hotels, etc)
      -Phonelink is used to pair your cell phone with your device answer calls make calls transfer your contacts
      the poi folder contains all the zagat ratings pois

      i really wouldnt delete anything except maybe language and sound files you dont need in the language and sound folder they are the files needed for voice commands in your particular language
      and any maps you may not need in the map folder
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