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  • Navigon Conglomerate How-To

    OK If any of the moderators think this is redundant or stupid feel free to delete.

    I have a Navigon 2100Max and spending time tweaking/modding/hacking, whatever you want to call it, I have learned alot and had to scour many a forum and postings. Some less clear than others. These directions are from my knowledge of the 2100Max units your unit's may be slightly different.


    Soft reset/suspend:
    The I/O button on the top left of the unit when pressed and depressed will put the unit in a suspend mode. It really isn't a reset just a power saving technique.

    Hard reset:
    There is a pinhole on the bottom of the unit labeled "reset". Sticking a paperclip or other thin prod in this hole you should feel a faint click. Upon letting go the unit will reset and begin to boot. If you hit the I/O button on the top immediately after doing this the unit will stay off until the I/O is pressed again, in which it will begin to boot. Good for getting yourself out of sticky situations. Also any major changes to the file system should be followed by a hard reset.

    Factory reset:
    This is the ultimate reset that will set your unit back to factory settings. This reset will be used for flashing your firmware. I am not particularly sure the ramifications of doing this with the SD card installed without the flash package on it. I would advise to not do this if there is data on the SD card that you do not want erased.

    To do this you will perform a hard reset by putting a paperclip or like object in the reset hold on the bottom of the unit, release the pressure, and when you see the unit starting to boot hold down the I/O button. Let go when you see the text on the screen saying it's reading the SD card should you have one plugged, and a countdown/loading bar if you have the firmware package on the card. If this does not happen try holding the I/O button sooner. After performing this reset you will be asked to recalibrate your touchscreen then it will boot up normally.

    The SD card should be formatted in FAT/FAT16 should this be of any concern. It's easy enought to plug the card into a card slot or the navigon unit to USB connector to PC, right click on the corresponding drive letter and click format.

    Not so basic:
    It has been my experience that Kombitz is a nice proof of concept but a terrible experience. This was the first customizing I tried on my 2100max and it was a disaster. Others love it but, to each their own. A few people have had the problem with backing out of kombitz after a failure of some sort. The best way to back out is to format the SD card and reflash the firmware. Alot of people had the problem where after getting rid of kombitz the desktop icon appeared during boot. You are supposed to be able to use the explorer inside kombits to delete this icon but it kept coming back on mine. To delete it inside Kombitz go to the windows menu>file explorer inside the window go to view>options uncheck those three boxes and tap OK. Click the up arrow to move up a directory as far as you can and delete the "desktop" icon. Then do a hard reset.

    Rather than using kombitz or MIO I have found that using an upgraded navigon package is much nicer and less complicated. For those with 21xxmax's or 5100max's pluto30306's tutorial is awesome.
    There are other tutorials on the site as well as many other useful and interesting threads

    Feel free to comment or add any insight/critique

    SEARCH is your friend

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    Re: Navigon Conglomerate How-To

    Thanks for the information!

    One quick question, do you know how to backup my preferences?

    So when i have to do a software update wont loose all my saved places? thanks in advance.


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      Re: Navigon Conglomerate How-To

      Thank you my friend ! You save my gps!


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        Re: Navigon Conglomerate How-To

        Thanks for the information!