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dutch voices for navigon 2410/2510

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  • dutch voices for navigon 2410/2510


    I'm the ovwner of a navigon2510 and the dutch navigation voices of wendy does have a problem that she keeps repeding that at 3 km fou must take the richt turn off (in dutch) en you must reset the divice to correct this problem. Does anybody have other dutch voice to replace the voice of wendy, The other voice on the system Antje does not speak dutch good enough to understand it It;s more germandutch that she speaks if you now what i mean. So mmy question is Can someone help me with this problem of help me to get an other dutch voice which works on navigon 2510/2410.
    greetings malika53 (or replay to email:

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    Re: dutch voices for navigon 2410/2510

    Hi, Malika53. I have the same problem with the flemish navigation voice on my Navigon. Yesterday when coming back from France I had to reset the device twice on a 550 km drive. I have contacted the NAVIGON Benelux account manager today to find out what can be done. He already helped me out before when my 2510 died during an upgrade.