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Using Destinator maps on a 7" screen

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  • Using Destinator maps on a 7" screen

    I have a legal version of Destinator 8 and I was able to use it on my 6.5" screen but when i upgraded to a 7" and tried to use the same mapping software it work.....partially though the screen was almost cut in half the information bar was in the middle of the screen and it was as if I was viewing it on a 4.3' screen. Does any one have any ideas how i can get it working on my 7"? It perplexes me because it worked perfectly fine on my 6.5 and to think that going up a 1/2 inch in size it would not render correctly.

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    Re: Using Destinator maps on a 7" screen

    Hi gthmcty1,

    how do you spell this -> A
    how do you spell this -> a

    still a or A ... but it was really different...
    have to find the correct resolution for your 7"
    go to Double-Din..
    there might be some software that can fit your 7"...


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      Re: Using Destinator maps on a 7" screen

      It's basically a skin issue. The physical size of the screen has increased only slightly, but...the resolution of the screen has changed so that it is not recognized by the D8 software you are running. Since it can't find the correct settings, (my guess) it's defaulting to 480x272.

      Please post what D8 version you are using and screen display of 7" you have (800x480?)