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Snooper Cobra C6500 booting problem

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  • Snooper Cobra C6500 booting problem

    I bought the used Snooper C6500 gps navigator faulty. When I power up it, it will be the only "Engineered by Setting the Standard" without any icons. When I connect to a PC, I see two partitions, one 79.3 Mb and another 3.53 Gb, the smaller there is one "save" 384 kb folder and the bigger is completely empty.
    Is the WinCe operating system formatted and how can I reinstall it, and where can I download the appropriate WinCe 6.0 operating system?
    CPU is Sirf Atlas IV, for more information, please visit
    Manufacturer's page I've downloaded the update file, but it does not update the source computer, because the device does not start up beyond the start-up screen.

    Sorry for my Rally English...Google Translate try help me.

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      With this link I know, I think the device has lost WinCe and the device update will not start uploading.