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Bulgaria OFRM Geotrade 2017 Q1

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  • Bulgaria OFRM Geotrade 2017 Q1

    The new version 2017 Q1 is now available for download from our website to all users with an active subscription for updates. As always, we would like to express our special thanks to all our customers and friends who sent us information about open inaccuracies in the previous version, helping actively to refine the map!

    Updates on local and national road network

    Version 2017 Q1 has updated data and corrected open street inaccuracies in a large number of cities across the country, as well as reflecting changes in speed limits. New circular movements have been added in Stara Zagora and Blagoevgrad as well as the new ring road of Smolyan.

    For lovers of off-road and tourism

    Off-road enthusiasts and mountaineers have a new 335 km of off-road stretches, hiking trails and cycle paths.

    Confident that the new version of OFRM Geotrade will be even more convenient and useful to a wider range of users, we wish you a pleasant and safe travel in Bulgaria!

    This is not the latest version of the map
    If anyone wants the last one you can find it on the manufacturer's site -
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    Yes - this is obsolete ... 2017.Q4 is latest, but for common needs [ street routing ] NTU Europe will do the job ... so ... OFRM Geotrade map is end of life product, i think. May be still usefull in case of Offroad use - then really no need eaxctly LAST version ...