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  • binetone carrera 430

    Can anyonetell how to run Tomtom on my Binetone Carrera 430 please

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    Re: binetone carrera 430

    Not sure on a single application such as tomtom but you could use miopocket 3 ( to run multiple applications. Its work great on my binatone B430.



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      Re: binetone carrera 430

      Hi is simple just take a software of TT 7.910 and install on a sd card all files must be in one folder .So if the files wehen you unzip on SD card are all in a folder name Navigation leave them there and rename the folder MobileNavigator exacly like I write here.Than go in this folder where is the TT files and you need to rename same MobileNavigator the executable file witch is the one with TOMTOM logo ,so rename that MobileNavigator.Than you take the new map 865.3259 from here Download WE1GB.part1.rar for free on
      Download WE1GB.part2.rar for free on
      Download WE1GB.part3.rar for free on

      ok after you downland the map instal the map in root of SD card but not in MobileNavigator folder leave separate .Insert the sd in sat nav and click on navigation buton to start TT will show you on screen not map found .You need to download easy tools to unlock the map .Connect the sat nav by usb to PC ond go in SD root there youu will find a file name ttnavigator copy that on descktop and open with notepad .There you have to find the serial for your sat nav will be like this <DeviceUniqueID= AB2SW9JQBE you need this code to insert when easy tools will ask you .copy only the AB2SW9JQBE.
      Than open on sd card the map folder there you need to copy a file name United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland-298.meta .this UK map is example can be Europe etc .Open now easy tools and the file United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland-298.meta paste in a folder name insert_meta_from_Map_here. paste the file there and go back in easy tools click on RunMeforDCT and press 1 enter than again 1 enter than will ask you to insert that code from descktop AB2SW9JQBE in your case will be different .and press enter .close that program and open again easytools go in folder insert meta from map and copy the 2 files will find in .Go to your sat nav in sd card open the map folder and Paste this 2 files there ..If you follow this steps will work sure .I have the same problem before but no one want to explain so PLEASE HELP OTHER MEMBERS YOU HERE NOT ONLY TO TAKE IDEAS ALSO TO HELP OTHER MEMBERS .CHEERS