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    I am new to this forum and would like to say hello to everyone.

    I have non branded GPS. It came with Miomap v3.3 which have 2007 maps so I like to upgrade my maps. Where can I find update for Miomap? Also, if some one help
    me to download another good map software for my GPS so I can use etiher. I am looking for North America maps.

    My GPS has WINCE 4.2 NET operating system with SIRF Star II chipset. I am not sure about compitable maps for my GPS. I found that I also have destinator 7 maps but
    missing US maps. I have only Canada maps on it. Where can I download USA maps for Destinator 7.or any update??

    I will appreciate if some one point me towards right direction.


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    Re: Miomap Upgrade

    Maybe you can find something Here for the Destinator software.

    I had the best luck installing a standalone version of iGO onto my MioPocket Mio Moov 500
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      Re: Miomap Upgrade

      Thanks !! Can you share that iGO OR let me know from where you downloaded.