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Looking for Australia MioMap 2008 cpf map

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  • Looking for Australia MioMap 2008 cpf map

    Hi All

    Does anyone have a cpf Miomap 2008 map of Australia.It will not matter if it is 2007/2008 etc as long as it is a cpf file, I have software running with maps of India and other countries ok, but I cannot find a Aussie map in cpf file format

    I have a Navman map going on my other Mio Moov 360 but it is not compatible with MioMap 2008

    Regards tassiedevil1

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    Re: Looking for Australia MioMap 2008 cpf map

    I have a MioMap 2008 install dvd for Australia

    this suits the Mio C Series c220, c320, c520 and c720 models

    But the maps are not in "cpf file format" they are .map format

    The .map format looks like the OZ version of Mio uses .map files

    Whereas the EU versions use .cpf map files.

    That probably suggests that the OZ Mio version is based on the Navman SmartST SW rather than the Mireo SW.

    I'm not 100% sure but this maybe why you can't find a Australia.cpf map
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