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I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

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  • I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

    Before I started my unlocking of my Mio Moov 500 I backed up the flash drive. Since then I've tried many different unlocks. Unfortunately, my hard drive (and backup) corrupted and I lost my Moov backup. Fortunately, My Moov still works and my original flash drive is intact but is intertwined with about three unlocks miscellaneous files.

    I am asking anyone who has a listing of the mio moov 500 file structure (folders and the contents of each) to post it here so I can clean-up my GPS to ready it for a fresh unlock.

    I found a real small (412k) file on CNET downloads which does a great job. Thank you for any help.

    p.s. I bought this secondhand and I don't have the CD that came with the GPS.

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    Re: I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

    Do you have MioMore desktop or download it from Mio - free

    from there you can backup and restore your whole PNA

    What maps are you using Miomap Or Navman
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      Re: I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

      The maps that I'm using are navman.

      I do have Miomore desktop but when I choose reinstall software it tells me it must remove voices first so, I click OK and it removes the voices but when done removing voices it gives me a error message The application upgrade was unsuccessful, please check.


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        Re: I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

        Is your external shell damaged or just the navigation section is not functioning properly.

        Deletes whatever unlocks file you have install in the Moov ( read ps below )

        Do you have access to the system files. Do you see the files Soleus and devicefeatureset inside.

        Check mainshell dir for the mainshell.xml and mainshell.ini. View the boot contents inside by notepad using edit mode.

        Do not change anything. Compare the one you have backup and the present one in the Mio Moov.

        Edit it according to your backup or copy over

        Is the boot screen available when you start.

        To redo the file system is tiring

        you have to format the satnav using fat32

        then you recopy everything inside.

        PS: - remember to turn on view all file mode on computer file explorer.

        Check the properties - uncheck the read option everytime when you can't copy or delete - Mio Moov locks the file folder after each option.

        If you can copy your present backup file of Moov500 and upload here.

        I see what I can do to help

        For all Mio Moov - don't ever try to install more than 2 navigation software due to memory limits and processor speed.

        Cause of failure in your file system - you try to run many versions of software in your sdmmc.
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          Re: I need a Moov 500 file tree listing

          My GPS is running fine... no problems. It just has some files on it that I don't need from the unlocks. I needed the file tree because I wanted to identify which files don't belong there, then delete them to free up some space.