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[solved] Cannot Play Music on TomTom 920T

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  • [solved] Cannot Play Music on TomTom 920T

    Can you solve this problem?
    My 920T came with the Map Western Europe 835_2421. Last year I then upgraded the Map to Western Europe 840_2562 which allowed Cspeech etc.
    When it came to playing music from the SD card I found that TomTom could not access the music after the Jukebox Icon. All the icons are greyed out e.g. Playlist etc.
    I have since upgraded the map to Western Europe 845_2645 but still no change. No Music.
    Have I lost a file or files as the upgrades use Cspeech and stop the access to the music files?
    All other functions on the TomTom work correctly.
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    Re: Cannot Play Music on TomTom 920T

    Unfortunately the file mp3d is in the bin folder and appears to be OK. Same properties as the downloaded one. But thanks for trying.

    So Why are all the Icons Greyed out on the screen e.g. Playlist, Artist, Album. Song ,Genre, Audiobooks??????
    Music is on the SD card and used to play on TomTom before the upgrade. I must have a file missing or corrupted as when I go to this screen it says "No songs Found."
    It must not be seeing the SD card which does play music via a computer slot?
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      Re: Cannot Play Music on TomTom 920T

      Problem Solved. There was NO mp3 folder in the root of the TomTom and I was informed via another forum that the MP3 music files had to be in that folder.
      Thanks to all for your help.