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  • Help Required


    I'm going to try to update map 845.2666(Western & Central Europe) to a friends GO910. I have backed up the tomtom but before I proceed I would like to make sure I have the proper files.

    Could you please advise what files I need and the procedure to do it ??

    Current TomTom info

    Model GO910
    App 6.525(7714/070417) OS 1619
    Map Western & Central Europe V660.1219

    Thanks in Adance


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    Re: Help Required

    To start with id plug the tomtom into TThome and download the latest navcore, I use TTN7 an dont own an actual TT unit but even I can see that 6.525 is well out of date. I think most units are upto 8. something now.
    You will then of course need to patch the navcore to run patched maps, something like easyusetools should do this.
    Or you may wish to find a pre patched or even custom navcore to put on the device that choice i will leave to you though.
    As youve already got the map and your on this site im going to take it that you already know how to patch the map.


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      Re: Help Required

      Hi Matty 538

      Thanks for your reply. All I have is the map. I'm a bit unsure how to procede.
      I will log onto TTHome and update navcore(thanks for that)
      I have easyusetools but the rest looks a bit daunting (probably me being a bit of a noob !!)
      Is there a step by step guide I could follow ???



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        Re: Help Required

        As i dont own an actual tomtom device and have only done it once on a friends i cant give you a step by step, however forum search is a great thing an gives this.


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          Re: Help Required

          Cheers will give it a go