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problem with go 930 in navcore 9.101.516023

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  • problem with go 930 in navcore 9.101.516023

    Thanks for all information in this forum.

    I just bought a go 930 going with maps in west Europe and north america.
    I tired voice recognition and it worked well.

    After that, I tired to use navcore 9.101.516023 with the map [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes].

    Both of them are downloaded from the link found in forum.
    I have ASR folder including files for English language and cspeech_AUS.dat in map folder.
    But i could not use voice recognition when address setting.

    Any advice?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: problem with go 930 in navcore 9.101.516023

    Does it work with "original" patched (or SE) navcore?
    rgds jarkita
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      well, basically, the device works fine.
      I can't figure out whether navcore or map has some problem or just i made wrong configuration.
      I would report later after doing some testing.

      Mod edit: Just test with [North_America][2GB][845.2645].
      voice recognition works fine.

      I just wonder to know the cspeech files in map [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes] could support voice recognition in tomtom when address setting?

      Is there any other person using the map [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]?
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        Re: problem with go 930 in navcore 9.101.516023


        I've created this link "map [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]" and I'm using this map with my Go 930. I never had any problem with voices. Thanks...