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  • TomTom one New edition

    Having lurked around finally decided to register. Its a great site, but I am confused.

    I have a TomTom One new Edition with an SD card

    My App (Navcore?) 7.903 (9183
    Map ver UK Irl 845.2666

    I see lots of questions about upgrading etc but no reasons for why people would want to change Navcore from one type of device to another, are there better Navcores.

    I looked at and it appears my navcore is upto date my map is as well.

    Finally I looked at the matrix and I am not sure what it tells me about other Navcores or compatability for example Truck routing etc.

    Sorry if I rambled but hope anyone can explain

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    Re: TomTom one New edition

    Originally posted by yuriyggg
    1 - The official software is always more reliable in operation. (The soft-designed for your model of the device, even if patched)
    2 The meaning of the replacement software, the desire to use the maximum number of possible functions and all the available maps. (You with the 7903 version 845.2645 unavailable-for example-so-you can not use a lot of functions)
    3-Exclusion cargo maps. For them, we need a special software
    Thanks for that explanation.

    So should I wish to use a map with IQ and lane change technology I would need to look for a Navcore compatible with both my model and a map that was compatible with my new Navcore. I am assuming that the newer functions are included in the map and not the Navcore