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Help needed desperately tried pm members no response

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  • Help needed desperately tried pm members no response

    I have been trying to upgrade my maps on my tom tom device now for over a year and started looking into making changes but cannot figure out how to do it. I have downloaded alberts easy activator but it does not work. I have also downloaded videos that show how to back your system up and about keygens and navcores but gives no information on where to find the latest maps and which ones will work with my device. Also need to know if i can update the navcore if need be in order to get the latest maps. Leaving on vacation in less than a month and last year gps had us off on roads that didn't exist multiple times. What software do i need where do you get it from, where do i get the most recent navcores, maps, need step by step instructions. Just read the forums is not an adequate answer
    device type: Tomtom one 3rd edition
    serial y1****e*****
    current app (navcore) 8010.9369
    current bootloader 5.5001
    current map usa and canada v710.1575
    home version
    pc o/s win xp

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    Re: Help needed desperately tried pm members no response

    What i did (an this may not be the right way or the easiest) is connect your tomtom to the computer, copy all the files on your tomtom to somewhere safe on the pc.
    Once youve done this use tomtom home to ensure your navcore is upto date. After that make sure everything works an then delete the files you made a backup of earlier from your pc.
    Now make another backup by copy an pasting again so you now have a working upto date (except map) copy of tomtom on your pc should anything go wrong.
    Goto tomtom home again and click update map it should give you the map number which is recommended for your tomtom, for example for me its 845.2666.
    Now you need to find that map on here or any other site you like and download it.
    Once you have the correct map delete the old one from your tomtom device (dont worry remember its still backed up on the pc) and copy over the new map you just downloaded to your tomtom.
    People go on about different keygens and ways of patching, however I always use this program and have never had any problems.

    sorry no links to other forums
    Its easy to use and very self explanatory but you can find any help you need using the keygen on the first page anyway.

    Hope this helps.
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