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Returning from Navcore 9.051 to 9.026

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  • Returning from Navcore 9.051 to 9.026

    With NC 9.051 installed:
    I backed up to PC using Windows Explorer, formatted GO910 disc, copied files from NC and ttsystem from SE_ttsystem.9.026.483454.rar, copied maps and LoqendoTTS, Height from backup a couple weeks ago. All worked fine, including 'Operate my GO' . I now had the in my \extensions folder (I have Windows XP) and deleted the Today, when I tried 'Operate my GO' TTHome defaulted to, I think, Dutch and the map for South Africa. examing the \extensions folder I have the folder back and had to re-setup my GO. Could there be something relating to 9.051 in the maps?

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    Re: Returning from Navcore 9.051 to 9.026

    The language you saw was probably not Dutch, but Afrikaans, which is on top of the language list, spoken in South Africa and is derived from Dutch in the 16th century.
    Now the reason why this happend is probably because TTHome still thought you to be running 9.051 instead of 9.026, looked in the folder which was not there anymore and recreated it for you. Is there any remaining entry 9.051 in any of the files ttgo.bif, .bak or .ori? If so remove and reset your Tomtom.
    Do you have all *.chk files from the root of your Tomtom present in the "9.026***" folder in \extensions? If not copy them there next to the dll file.


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      Re: Returning from Navcore 9.051 to 9.026

      I do believe I've confused myself. The \extensions 9.026 folder has 11 .chk files (as has the SE_Basic pack), but the 9.026 Navcore has only 6 - in NC and on my GO. It's quite possible that I used the Basic pack instead of the 'full' one downloaded from the TT website - even though I thought done it right, only using the ttsystem file from SE_ttsystem.9.026.483454.rar. The number of *.chk files and names match both on my GO and the NC I've just downloaded, except: the date modified om today's download is 20-11-2009 and on my TT it is 15/12/2009, which suggests that I got it right. So, should I:

      Replace the 11 *.chk, in \extensions, with the 6 from my TT
      or reformat the GO and either load the NC and process with Keygen 2101 41D, load NC and the ttsystem file from the SE version
      or load both the SE Basic pack and SE ttsystem files for 9.026? If the latter, would I need the switchfiles?

      You are right about the Afrikaans, I hadn't bother to check which languages I had, and I cannot find any reference to 9.051 in the ttgo.bif, .bak or .ori files.

      "Replace the 11 *.chk, in \extensions, with the 6 from my TT " - This time "Operated my GO" asked if I wanted German (Actually 'Deutsch'). I'm now going through the set-up procedure!
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