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TMC bar with Navcore 9 SE

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  • TMC bar with Navcore 9 SE

    I installed Navcore 9 on my tomtom. I notice that there is a TMC bar on the right hand side of the screen whenever I mount my tomtom on to the stand. It thinks that I have a RDS TMC receiver, which I don't. Is there a way to disable TMC or disable the TMC bar on the right? It's taking up a bit of the screen and it's scanning for traffic which isn't there.

    I tried FMoff and fixtmc on the txt files but that doesn't disable it. Any one have a solution?

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    Re: TMC bar with Navcore 9 SE

    I had the same problem with Go 700, also with an active dock.

    I placed a file called ttpnpd in the root of the Tomtom file system. This file was present in some 8.3** and 8.4** versions of the SE Navcore and I have found it in the posting of Navcores for the lazy.
    Grab the topmost file from that post, 8_417_1255.RAR.html and save it to disk. Inside the Rar archive, in the \8.417.1255\Outsourced.8417\bin\ folder is a binary file ttpnpd (tomtomplugnplaydaemon) of 34800 bytes. Place that in the root of your Tomtom disk and pinhole-reset it. It should stop complaining about the RDS-TMC receiver.

    Other solution which also seems to work:
    Remove (or rename) from the map folder(s) the files tmccodes.dat and traffic.dat.
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