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  • *Newbie Question(s)*

    Hey everyone,
    I have a new tomtom go 630 right out of the box, and updated to the newest map and navcore. right now it is 100% unpatched. all I have done is copy over a few voices and a directory of speed cams to the /poi/ directory on my tt device (which did not work, but it was more just to see if they'd magically appear). I also threw in an 8gb micro SD card into an adapter and put it in, but it contains no files. I have creeped the forums quite a bit and I think more than absorbing information I have been confusing myself. so before I get bombarded with procedure I'd like to get a couple things straightened out in my mind.
    I know i need to backup my TT before I start playing with it, but can anyone help with these questions?
    First, I can patch my Go 630 to use other/more maps, voices, etc.. correct?

    Second, Before I can add (lets start easy and say those voices I saw: vader, homer, kitt) to my voices directory, I have to patch my navcore first, then I can patch the voices using easytools and copy them to the /voices/ directory

    third, Are those speedcams even in the right directory? I don't think I understand how POIs work on the device.

    fourth, can someone be super nice and post a thread or three that will help me do this (as I didn't recognize them while I was looking at them, or just didn't find it) or write me some basic instructions? I am computer literate, but new to tt.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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    Re: *Newbie Question(s)*

    First of all I would say leave the internal memory "as is" and use the SD card to play with SE Navcores.
    Secondly: You make a backup in Windows File Explorer. The Tomtom memory will show up as a drive letter. Simply select all files and folders on the Tomtom (Make sure Windows shows "hidden and system files") and either copy them or ZIP them towards your computer's hard disk. This way you have an exact copy of all files needed for an original and squeeky clean Tomtom.

    You can patch your Go630 navcore or you can run an SE Navcore on it, although it is a bit pickier in which SE it accepts than, say, a Go730 or 930. Basically it is a trial and error process.
    First thing I would do is to copy the contents of the internal memory to the SD card and use the SD card as a basis to play with. Once copied, you can first try patching the navcore (current 8.351) which is now on the SD card, using one of the tools available like Easyusetools. Then you can patch maps, voices and speedcams in much the same way. Most of it is explained in the tutorials section here.
    Once you feel comfortable with the patched normal navcore, you can try out SE versions, like the 9.026 and 9.051 versions or the SE 8.395 truck. These basically are prepatched and can be configured by switches. Instructions are in the readmenot files inside the SE Archives.

    The Go series can read both internal and SD memory at the same time but of course the patched voices can only be used when running the patched navcore. So when you start the Tomtom with the SD card present, it will load the navcore on the SD and when you start it withoud SD card, it will load the internal navcore. Patched navcores read both patched and unpatched maps/voices/cam files.


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      Re: *Newbie Question(s)*

      Sounds easy enough for getting it to work.
      so, I can backup my tt. copy the internal memory to the SD card, and play around with the files on the SD card. Do i leave the files on the internal tt memory after I copy them to the SD card? or will that cause some kind of mismatch in the navcore (having one patched and the other not) unless I totally understood wrong. sorry, i started this day early, i'm a bit scattered.


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        Re: *Newbie Question(s)*

        There is no mismatch, since you either run one navcore or the other. The only thing they share are voices and maps.
        When you copy all files from internal to the SD card you have a working system on which to start tinkering right away. Another way would be to connect the tomtom to TThome with the empty SD card inserted (select "SD card" when TThome asks you) and have TTHome offer you the navcore (called "tomtom application"). As long as you do not change the files on internal memory, as soon as you take out the SD card, you have your original Tomtom back like it was yesterday. On the SD card you can drift away from original as far as you like.


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          Re: *Newbie Question(s)*

          wow, that sounds pretty slick. awesome. Thanks Heijx!!
          any tips or tricks to help me along once I start screwing around on it?