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[moved] Problem with Europe_Western 1GB 845.2666 map.

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  • [moved] Problem with Europe_Western 1GB 845.2666 map.

    Originally posted by timbothy View Post
    Thanks for your help. Loaded to SD card then patched using Easyusetools. Now ready for my holiday in Europe.
    I have tt one XL, 8.010.9369. I download this map and put on SD card, when I insert card and turn tt it ask me take the SD out. Then I copy everything from tt to sd card(except USA&Canada map, keep this map on card), still can't boot the tt from sd. but TomTom home can manage th SD but it says my map can't use need actived, could you show me the steps? where I can find he easyusetools?

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    Re: [moved] Problem with Europe_Western 1GB 845.2666 map.

    What is the bootloader version of your Tomtom and what is the type (SD, SDHC) an size of the memory card?
    For SDHC cards you need at least bootloader 5.5022.
    Updating the bootloader is done by placing the payload file (called "system") in the fixed memory of the Tomtom or on a SMALL (<2GB) SD card and rebooting the tomtom. Be sure that your Tomtom is fully charged before attempting this because a power outage in the midst of a bootloader upgrade means a bricked Tomtom.
    Once that the tomtom is booted with the new bootloader you can remove the system file again because the bootloader is written into the eprom chip.

    Here is bootloader 5.5128, which is currently suggested for One/XL devices.