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First time questions.

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  • First time questions.

    Device Type: TomTom ONE N14644
    Serial Number PB****F*****
    Current App 8014.9372
    Current Bootloader 55019
    Current Map United_States 725.1905

    I DLed the guide and then looked here:

    I noticed it talked about SD cards, but my GPS unit does not have one. Is there are internal one?

    The reason I'm confused is because the USA Map I DLed TomTom.Maps.of.USA.Canada.and.Mexico.v8.45.2670 and it is 1.3 Gigs, but the device only has 970MB of memory. Can I upgrade the internal memory? I'm comfortable opening up the device and looking at it if I need to. If I do, are there pictures to aid me?

    I really need to update the maps on my GPS, because there were huge number of addresses in new developments that I noticed I don't have.

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    Re: First time questions

    Internal memory can't be changed..try to find a smaller map =(
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      Re: First time questions

      You have 3 choices... :-) Goodluck

      1. Find a smaller map
      2. Buy new GPS with SD card or at least 2G internal memobry
      3. Stay with your current map


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        Re: First time questions

        Great, none of the choices are ideal. I'll see what I can do.



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          Re: First time questions

          Timothy, you can open up a TT One and solder a SD micro adapter and expand your memory. Just do a bit of searching with "solder sd in tomtom".