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Which Maps / NavCore should I use?

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  • Which Maps / NavCore should I use?

    *Newbie Question*

    I got a TomTom One. I dont really know how old it is but I want to put USA map on it for my holiday in a few months time.

    It says "Version 7.502"; App 7.502 (9215 / 080328).

    It currently has United Kingdom and ROI v715.1689.

    Can anyone please tell me which map version I can use (if any)?



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    Re: Which Maps / NavCore should I use?

    Well, it all depends on what TT One model you've got. If you connect your TT to your pc and open the "ttgo.bif" file, you should see which model you have.
    If it's got a slot for a SD card, your options are good. Then I would suggest an update of your navcore and of course the map of USA.
    I would go for this Navcore
    and this map
    I'm also a bit of newbie, but I'm beginning to get the hang of it c",)

    TT GO 910 - SE 9.056.542741.2 - Europe 910.4892
    TT XXL - NC 9.510.1234792.2 - Western Europe 910.4956
    LG Optimus G E975 TomTom 1.2 - Navigon 4.9.0


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      Re: Which Maps / NavCore should I use?

      It depends mostly on the available storing space. There are One's with SD card and One's without. The latter category has models with 512 MB and models with 1024 MB space.
      In the tutorials section there is a topic with info on how to determine your exact One version, as wel as a topic with what to include when asking for help and an FAQ topic.

      Without further information I would say connect to tomtom Home first, have it offer you the latest "Tomtom application", which probably is 8.010. Then you can patch it using YDgpatch or Easyusetools, download map version 845.2666 for either USA, USA and Canada or USA and Mexico, depending on where you are heading. All these 845.2666 versions fit on 1GB of space.
      If you do have an SD slot, the sky is the limit, with navcore SE 8.562 and North America 845.2645 with automatic lane guidance.
      On the other end of the scale, if you only have 512 MB built-in, then there is no USA map that will fit.