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TomTom XL Device Code

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  • TomTom XL Device Code

    Hi there, first post so go easy on me.

    I have been offered a TomTom XL but the memory card has been lost so there is no Navcore or Map on the device.
    Also there is no backup of the missing memory card

    So my question is......... is it possible to get the device code from the TomTom somehow?

    My way of thinking is....
    ......Is it just a case of putting a navcore without a map on a memory card then inserting & booting up the TomTom to find the device code which I would need to activate a map

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    Re: TomTom XL Device Code

    You are correct. Once the TT boots up with an installed Navcore it writes a file called ttgo.bif. Open the file on you PC using any text editor and you have all the info you need. Some of the keygens will actually access the tomtom whilst it is connect to your PC and patch the navcore and maps on the unit.