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TomTom XL (1GB internal memory), need help for update

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  • TomTom XL (1GB internal memory), need help for update

    Hello guys, nice you're back.

    My friend want to update his TomTom XL (1GB internal memory) device. On the bottom I read (4EG0.001.00); N14644; Canada 310. In a txt file on the device I found [application-version] 7.521.
    I tried to upload few versions of Navcore:
    One of the version crashed on the welcome screen, the other versions crashed when I touch the screen.
    Can anyone tell me how can I update this device?
    Which version of maps you will recomed me to use?
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    Re: TomTom XL (1GB internal memory), need help for update

    The cabs you tried will not work since they are designed for a different XL version. Yours would be this one:
    But since there are so many XL models, I would update through TomTomHome in order to obtain the proper version 8.**** and then patch this navcore. You can use that with a WE or US+CDN or US+MEX 845.2666 map (or 850.2820 if it is around yet) which will fit on 1 GB.

    If you want to run an 8.562 version, download the SE version by TTUser. This can be configured to any device, just read the file readmenot.txt for the correct switches.


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      Re: TomTom XL (1GB internal memory), need help for update

      If you have a "One XL HD Traffic", then you are stuck with version 7.xx!
      Tomtom have an upgrade program in place where for the price of a map update they offer a totally new XL Live! Not a bad deal at all...