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    Hi. Is it possible to get TTS working on the UK Tomtom XXL (5" screen). From what I have worked out the USA version has it and the European version doesn't (nice one again TT) Regards

    Anybody ???
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    Re: TT XXL TTS

    Hi there, yes it is possible.

    I did this on my XXL, I will have a look at the details and get back to you.


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      Re: TT XXL TTS

      Many thanks mate. Look forward to hearing from U.



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        Re: TT XXL TTS



        This is a full copy of my XXL of course without my system info and map data.

        (Link removed)

        I trust you understand that you must use a map that also supports the advanced stuff like ALG, IQ, TTS etc....

        I used UK 850.2781.

        The back up has bootloader 5.5244, if you do not require the update then remove the system file before moving the back up to your device.

        Any further information please get in touch.
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          Re: TT XXL TTS

          Do i take it you got it working ?


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              Re: TT XXL TTS

              Hi, try password = advent.

              The units seem to have the same spec, They seem to have the same procesor and ram, It just what TT allow as software.

              Many of the units seem to have software restictions dependant on where bought.

              Like the XL and One models.

              The new shape XL came along, 64mb unit with IQ but no TTS, Then TT updated it to the XL2 same unit but with TTS, So then we could look at the newer One units they have 64mb IQ but no TTS,,,,, MMMMM Why not, No reason why, just TT Being mean with features in uk.
              Swap NC and the One has TTS working perfect.
              Same with Start & Start2 units.

              I would not buy an american unit to use here, I did once before and it would not give me access to any uk map updates.

              With changing the NC on your XXL to the one i have uploaded it should work without fault, Im very happy with mine.
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                  Re: TT XXL TTS

                  Oh thats good news, Thanks for letting me know, All the best mate!


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                    Re: TT XXL TTS

                    Since the Go 630 has a full 400 MHz processor as opposed to the XXL's 266, plus the added bonus of an SDHC card slot, it's a win-win situation.


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                      Re: TT XXL TTS

                      Here, Here,

                      Its a whole world of possibilities when you have a more upmarket GO unit.... Much more to play with.


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                        Re: TT XXL TTS

                        TT 630 arrived OK all nicely sealed (Brand new).Oh and the Samsung phone
                        First thing I done was make a back up (inc DVD). Then once I was happy that I could back the unit to factory standard I connected it to TT home at which point for an unknown reason it gave me the option to download the latest Western and Central


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                          Re: TT XXL TTS

                          Hi mate, Sounds like you have done really well there!!!

                          What NC is your 630 now running?

                          I own a 520, 730 and 930 and have messed about with them all, Never had a 630 but from what i can see they are pretty much the same. From what i can see the 630 doesnt have a Fm Transmitter. (rubbish anyway) but it still does have a headphone socket and bluetooth for sending your music.

                          If its the same as the ones i have messed with then adding an mp3 player into your system shouldnt be a problem, if you dont want to mess around with your system you could always add tomplayer (free) or mobilnova (not free) they are just add ons and work with your system without messing with it.

                          Plays mp3 and video files too, handy to have!


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                            Re: TT XXL TTS

                            NC, 8.351 I think? well thats what I found, does that sound about right to you

                            Your right about the FM trans, it was so bad on my 730 I just didn't bother with it, so certainly won't be missing it on the 630. I used to connect to my stereo with a short lead some times (as I have a permanent mount on the dash just above the stereo for the TT) more from a novelty factor or if I wanted to listen to the mp3 tracks I had on my TT's card.

                            I do quiet fancy an mp3 player on the 630 so if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

                            You've prob gathered by now I used to have a 730 before, and to be honest I think I'm glad I went back down the GO *30 route as opposed to the XXL, (although I do still like the 5" screen) as they are so much more customisable.+ needless to say, the bargain price aswell


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                              Re: TT XXL TTS

                              Hi, Yeah i would say that sounds about right really.

                              Yeah i agree that the x20, x30 range are the best for functions, The XXL is still only a basic system but with a big screen, If the screen was on a x30 then all would be good, LoL.

                              The mobilnova is one of the best add on players but its not fee, Cant find a "open" version anywhere, The Tomplayer is free does the job but basic. (take a peep on internet)

                              The only down fall using these MAY be not being able to navigate and play at the same time (perhaps).

                              Next option would be to start messing with your NC, Dont forget your system will be able to run even the newest versions with no problems, Have a look at 9.101, Thats what i have mine, Works fine.

                              (If you wanted to add the integrated mp3 player into the navcore you must ensure that in the root folder you have a folder named mp3 otherwise the system wont show the jukebox music player option)