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Problem activating maps

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  • Problem activating maps

    Hi, i also need help. I got the USA_and_Mexico_1GB_845_2666 map.
    And according to the chart it should work on my TT using navcore 8.412.
    I think mine is a PNA, cause i remember seeing ttgo.bif somewhere.
    And this means i have to patch the ttsystem file, here is where i think i get it wrong. Keygen the map seem to be working fine!?
    Can anyone help me out, i cant seem to find the "patch ttsystem" tutorial.
    I get the "You cannot use this map on this device...something text"

    It should be possible to run a USA map even if im in sweden right now? im going to the US in a week.

    nevermind, i got it!
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    Re: Problem activating maps

    I have the same problem, how can you solve this issue?
    (I used a micro SD card for the map. The Micro SD card does not attach to my tomtom device). I keygen to my microSD card