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Tomtom formated on Mac os

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  • Tomtom formated on Mac os

    I have big problem because i formated my tomtom 930 on my mac as a ms-dos (fat) and my tt now doesn't work.
    I tried to plug in on my windows, but now he doesn't see it.
    On my tt only i can se is red X...
    Please help me

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    Re: Tomtom formated on Mac os

    If you had a backup, it would be sufficient to reformat the Tomtom with your Mac to a filesystem that Windows can understand (a 4GB flash memory can not be FAT but must be FAT32 for Windows) but something tells me that you don't have a backup.

    First, reformat your Tomtom to FAT32 using the Mac.
    Next, connect your Tomtom to TTHome, either on the Mac or Windows. TTHome will recognize it as a TT930 and offer you the Navcore for it. After it has installed, continue the Update function in TTHome until you have the "Tomtom Application" version 8.351, which is the latest one.
    Now get the LoquendoTTS computervoices and possibly other (recorded voices) through the various TTHome "add stuff" functions. After all this, you have a working Go 930 except for the map.
    If you have a backup of the map, copy it back onto the Tomtom. If you don't, either buy one or download one and start patching.
    1. Patch the navcore with ydGpatch or Easyusetools
    2. Patch the map with Easyusetools
    3. Patch TTHome with Easyusetools.

    Before you do anything after this, make a full backup of your Tomtom memory. Better still, leave the internal memory alone and use the SDHC card slot to play with SE Navcores and other things.