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TomTom 3Rd - Update

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  • TomTom 3Rd - Update

    I have some problems with my TomTom ONE GPS.
    I really hope You can help me.Because i don't know.
    Firstly, What is the original or basic TomTom Navcore version?
    Secondly, What is the latest version of this?
    And finally what does it mean the maps number? for example Balaton_715.1732<-- This number.

    I hope You can give me advice about my problem.Thanks in advance.


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    Re: TomTom 3Rd - Update

    You can check the navcore version in the ttgo.bif file when you connect your Tomtom to your PC, or you can see it on screen when you tap on the part of the screen where the satellite positions are visible (right part of the screen).
    The latest version for the One is 8.010. You can obtain it when you connect your Tomtom to your PC and start up Tomtom Home and select "update my tomtom".
    The maps are numbered as follows:

    First three digits are the same for a particular year/month. Currently 850.**** are from this month, 845.**** are from february 2010, 840.**** are from november 2009 and so forth.
    The second set of digits indicate the possibilities of the map and indirectly for which tomtom model they are designed. Check the maps subforum for the latest map editions and what the functionality is.
    With the navcore 8, you can use lane guidance and iq routes, but only if you download a map yourself. From Tomtom, you will not get a map that does not "suit" your tomtom version.