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Please excuse my cry for help

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  • Please excuse my cry for help

    I (probably) stupidly have jumped in and tried to update the UK & ROI maps on a TT Go I got 2nd hand off Ebay last week, I thought I had read & understood how to do it but clearly not...I have downloaded 850.2781 maps but I think the meta file I have is out of date, as I have since found a more up to date file but still can't get device to work. I backed up the files before I started and I am wondering if the easiest thing is just to wipe device and put those files back on but I would like the newer maps for free (don't we all)
    I have a few questions if anyone can help me I will e eternally grateful.
    If I was to wipe the device totally clean and start again where do I get the navcore files etc that control the device
    I have downloaded EasyActivator but it won't seem to crack the files there a simple and easy to follow 'Idiots guide' for updating

    I appreciate this will have been covered before and I hsve read those or most of those threads but I need a kick start for my brain to grasp this...any pointers most welcome
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Please excuse my cry for help

    Originally posted by Red_Kite View Post
    if the easiest thing is just to wipe device
    That's exactly what i've done on many occasions.

    Once done with wipe, just hook back up to USB > Connect > allow TOM to do the auto update [s] ----> [TTom will give ya all the Navcore[s] ya need]

    Now at least you'll have a full functioning OS

    THEN..........use Alberts and I betcha you'll be fix'd
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      Re: Please excuse my cry for help

      yeh most of the time a complete wipe is the easiest solution, but if you dnt want to do that download alberts easy activator.. It has its own built in instructions as well as being an activator..
      Hope this helps