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GO910 no TMC

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  • GO910 no TMC


    I have a Go910 with navcore SE 9.101.516023 downloaded from here.
    My problem is:

    1. It is extremely slow to boot, any solution?
    2. I cannot make the TMC work anymore, I really use it quite a lot and would love some advice on making it work! (have tried the x40 in model.txt and fixtmc in setconfig.txt)
    3. And can anyone tell med what the fmsignal and fm2010parameters files actually do?

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    Re: GO910 no TMC

    1: Slowness: Try Navcore 9.051. If that is slow too, stick with a version 8.*, like 8.562 or 8.417.
    2. Do you have the file \gns\ and the file \mctx.dat? What about the file tmccodes.dat in your map folder?
    3. These files are needed by both the FM transmitter and the TMC module. My programming knowledge does not stretch as far as to be able to tell you their function, unfortunately.


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      Re: GO910 no TMC

      Hi Heijx

      Thanks for your reply!

      1. I have tested 8.562 and the bluetooth does not work which is annyoing...but it is much faster, that is right
      2. I have these files yes, I just seem to bu stuck, very annoying...
      3. OK, thanks for your input though, I will make sure to keep these


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        Re: GO910 no TMC

        On 8.562 do you have the bton swith in setconfig.txt? Sometimes the file has both bton and btoff inside, then delete the btoff switch. Also delete any file called btoff in the root of the tomtom. Also, fmon needs to be specified.

        Come to think of it, also on the 9.101 you need to have fmon amongst the parameters. Again, remove any fmoff parameters.


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          Re: GO910 no TMC

          I have now updated to navcore 9.053.520930 which actually works great, fast and such, but still no TMC...

          Anyone with an idea?

          I have set fixtmc and fmon in my setconfig.txt (the only 2 things in it)


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            Re: GO910 no TMC

            Can you add the line bton to the setconfig.txt? Also check if it is the only setconfig.txt. It can be in the root of the disk or in the folder \config but not both at the same time.