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Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

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  • Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

    I'm trying to upgrade my tomtom xl live iq route es with new maps.
    I succeeded in installing map western and central europe 2gb 8.45.
    Then I patched PNDNavigator with yGDPatch. I was running navcore 9.026 (original version from Tomtom).
    So far so good, the new map works well and I still have my live extras working well.
    I did this with maps and patch I downloaded from .
    I asked over there which version from navcore se I had to install.
    I was told to install navcore SE 9.026.
    This works ok but I have lost Live extras, no traffic info and so on.
    Now I was told to install Navcore SE 9.053.
    Is this correct, can I use then the Live extras again.
    I want to use a SE version because the original doesn't have automatic zoom anymore but I do not want to lose 'Live'.
    The SE 9.026 package from seemed to be bigger than the basic pack I can find over here.
    What do I need to install ta have it all working well?

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    Re: Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

    What I did was install the 9.026 package I had and thereafter install the 9.053 basic and system over it.
    At least it functions now , live services included.
    But with 9.026 one could make a screen capture by pressing the top let corner of the screen for some 2 seconds.
    The resulting image was put in the screen directory. This does not seem to function with 9.053.
    Are those functions not in the basic pack, are they added by users like tomtomuser?
    Is there a list of functionality of the SE 9.053 release, what about the setconfig.
    In 9.026 I had a readme explainig what can be done with the setconfig, I have no info on 9.053.
    Can anybody help me out?


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      Re: Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

      To add screen capture functionality:
      Check if a folder exists called x-screen. If there is, simply rename it to screen. In it, there is an empty file called capture.

      If there is no folder x-screen, create a folder called screen inside the main (root) folder of your tomtom. Then inside that folder \screen create an empty file called capture. No extensions, just capture .

      With this done, you can make screendumps again by pressing in the top left corner. Bitmaps will be saved inside the \screen folder.


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        Re: Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

        Well I had the screen directory and the capture file in it.
        And the screendump worked allright.
        I did not go to the folder to look in it becaue there was nu shutter sound when pressing the top left corner.
        Rel 9.026 SE had a shutter sound.
        I can not find any other pgg file than the syspend.ogg.
        Can he shutter sound be a enabled again?
        If yes how to achieve it?


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          Re: Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

          Put a .wav sound of your liking in the folder \sounds and call it camera.wav (I think that is the sound that accompanies a screendump).


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            Re: Navcore se for Xl live iq routes edition

            No it doesn't help.
            I even tried to put a camera.wav and a camera.ogg in the directories
            The screendump still works bit without a sound