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Newbie needs help

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  • Newbie needs help

    Trying to update my TomTom 510 map. Tried ttsystem patcher and Alberts easy activator with no success.
    Current TomTom Spec
    App 7.903
    Map v715.1712

    Trying to install North America Map 845_2645. I receive message from tom tom "No MAP Found" when ever I go thru the update process. Am I missing a step? Currently restore from backup and back to sqaure one. Appreciate any help

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    Re: Newbie needs help

    download 2.1 keygen and use it, patch navcore maps and speedcams


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      Re: Newbie needs help

      I don't know much about the 510 that you refer to but to give a bit of background info on my experience with my TomTom One XL is currently running Navcore 9.051 SE with Australia 845.2661 and North America 2GB 840.2562 and new zealand 850.2561 all with a vocalizer voice (Samantha) and with Advanced Lane Guidance , IQ Routes and TTS

      1. Make a backup of your device
      2. add the 9.051 Navcore Se basicpack
      3. add the 9.051 TTsystem file
      4. add your North america map
      5. run TomTom keygen 4.1D
      6. crack the map & DCT files (You can have your SD Card if you have one just in a sd reader) or you must connect your device if you only have internal memory).
      7. take the sd card from the reader and place it in your navigator and power it on and see what happens.
      8. if it doesent have all the features you want you can change the model number ie X20 X30 etc (You will need to read up on this as i dont know what your model runs under mine is X40).

      This may be a bit confusing but I hope it helps out.


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        Re: Newbie needs help

        Your mistake was in trying to use a map that the software on your tomtom isn't capable of using as it's not designed to handle maps with so many features! The 7.903 navcore can only handle maps of a lower specification and as such you should have been looking at 845-2647,2648 or 2666... or investigate changing the navcore on your device from 7.903 to something capable of using higher spec maps or failing that at least check to see if you're downloading compatible maps in the future.


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          Re: Newbie needs help

          Hi I'm new in this but my tomtom one have 7.903 and I can download new map from home site 855.2931
          how they do this?