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Help please on USA Map.

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  • Help please on USA Map.

    Hi, i presently have the following map; Usa, Canada, Mexico P v.845.2670. i am looking to upgrade the map to V.850.

    The present map is 1.48GB, can anyone tell me which one to upgrade to please.

    I am after IQ & ALG, but DONT need CSpeech or ASR. would i be better in getting a larger map and removing the ASR folder and CSpeech file.

    The map needs to be around the same size as now as i have only 2GB memory, with UK map already installed. should i get a map without ASR & CS or get the map with and remove, so that i have lots of details.

    Many thanks for any help offered.

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    Re: Help please on USA Map.


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      Re: Help please on USA Map.

      Hi Chillycat,

      Many thanks for the information.
      I understand that the larger the map the more information within the map. Would i be better to get a smaller map without CSpeech and ASR or get one with these features and remove these files from the map to make it smaller.

      Many thanks for your help