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data.chk files

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  • data.chk files

    hi all
    few questions
    Q1, newer navcores i have D/L only seem to have between 6-8 data.chk files
    but my older versions all seem to have 11
    does this matter ?
    only asking as the versions with the fewer amount dont seem to work for me
    all rebooting
    Q2, the new navcore 9.201 has no PNDnavigator file is this correct ?

    thanks for any answers

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    Re: data.chk files

    1: It does not matter. Some navcores have more .chk files than others. It only seems to matter when you use the default Tomtom Cab files and patch these with the DSA tool from DSA8310. In that case when you run TTHome "operate my TOmtom" you need to copy to your computer the .chk files from 9.026 too when you use 9.051 or higher.

    About the rebooting issue, this can have a few causes. mapsettings.cfg in your maps folder can cause it. Deleting it will then solve it. Also make sure you reset your device (press reset or start button for 15 seconds or more).

    2: This is correct. Some navcores have a separate TTSYSTEM and navigator file, some navcores have the navigator built into the TTSYSTEM.


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      Re: data.chk files

      all answers good