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how to update map on old TT one

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  • how to update map on old TT one

    Hello Guys!

    I have the following device:
    DeviceName=TomTom ONE
    DeviceVersionHW=ONE (v6)
    DeviceUniqueID=A***A B***A

    Official web-site tels me I've got:
    ONE 3rd Edition - 512MB

    What I already tried to do:
    aploaded and patched map - OK
    whan booting device doesn not recognise map (no maps found)

    but when I am trying to update navcore (tried already several random nav cores 8.002, 8.562, 8081) - doesn't want to boot at all.

    The question is: what do I need to do to update my device with the latest map?


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    Re: how to update map on old TT one

    latest official navcore for the 3rd edition is 8.01*. For 1st and 2nd edition it is 7.903. You get the latest version by connecting to TTHome and let it offer you the "tomtom application". If you get a lesser version than that, disconnect your tomtom and reconnect it until you get the latest.
    You then need to patch this navcore if you are using downlaoded maps.

    The version 7.130 does not recognise new maps so the error is expected. If you do not get a newer navcore from TomtomHome, try it with a blank tomtom:
    Make a backup of what you have now. Use Windows Explorer to copy all files to your PC or zip them on your PC.
    Then delete all files on your Tomtom and connect it to TomtomHome. It will offer you a "tomtom application" which is the Navcore. After the installation, disconnect your tomtom, reboot it and reconnect it. If you don't have navcore 7.903 or 8.010 (or 8.016 even), repeat the update process until you do.
    Then patch this navcore, copy back your map folder and other files (voices, POI, etc) being careful not to overwrite existing files.


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      Re: how to update map on old TT one

      Hi to all. I have a tomtom one 3rd edition 512mb. I wannt to install estern europe map,but i can find it. I am new in this thred (gps). Can anyone help me plese with a map download link or somewhat. Thanks,and sorry for my english.


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        Re: how to update map on old TT one

        Eastern_Europe_855_2884 (236mb)
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