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Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

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  • Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

    Just found this forum, and thinking about updating my fairly old TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB.

    It has App 7.521, with map "United_Kingdon_and_Republic_of_Ireland" v830.2306.

    I've read through the thread "Updating TomTom - patching navcore and maps" and viewed the videos it mentions, and sort of understand what's involved. A couple of questions before I go further:

    Q1. The current App is 7521, but the TT website ( ) only lists

    "Version 7.522
    (TomTom ONE 30-Series and TomTom XL 30-Series only)

    * Minimum Requirement for TomTom ONE 30-Series and TomTom XL 30-Series"

    I've done an update using TTHome, and it says I'm up to date, so why doesn't it find 7.522, and does it matter?

    Q2. The thread "Updating TomTom - patching navcore and maps" says near the top "It has been tried and tested with all Start's, One's, XL's, and GO's, as long as they accept a navcore (TT software) version 7.901 or later." So does this mean I have to manually upgrade to a newer Navcore before I can update my map, or is it all just a none starter?

    I have used TTHome to make a backup, and also backed up the TT files to a ZIP file (I don't have WINRAR), but don't want to do something to my TT that makes it unrecoverable.

    Grateful for any advice.


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    Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

    If you have made a Windows backup of your Tomtom (Connect it to the PC and use Windows Explorer to show the contents of its memory. Select all and copy (or zip) it to a safe place on your computer) you are safe from any mishaps. When your device no longer works, wipe it and copy back the contents from the ZIP file.
    When the backup is safe, wipe the tomtom and open TTHome. Let it find the proper "Tomtom Application" for your device. When it has installed it, disconnect and reconnect your tomtom and select "update my tomtom" again, until you have obtained version 7.903 or 8.0**. This is a good basis to get a new map running.

    Basically you now need to download a map, patch the map, partch the navcore and you're done.

    If you do not get a navcore 7.903 or 8, enter the first two characters of the Serial number of your Tomtom on the website:
    The model it comes up with should give us an idea of which navcore to download.

    Another route is to get yourself an SE Navcore, for exemple 8.417 SE or 8.562. These run on any Tomtom model you like and are already patched.
    The reason it has to be a 7.901 navcore or higher is that newer maps do not support lower navcores than this one.


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      Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

      Thanks for the info Heijx, I'll follow that through and see where I get to.

      Putting the first two characters of the serial number (RB - as reported in the ttgo.bif file and on the label on the device) into the above link gives the description XL (30 Series) / 330 - 1GB, although the status screen on the TT itself shows App 7.521 (9262/080328) OS:166324, 32 MB RAM (free 5.6 MB), GPS v1.21. Boot 5.5011, and Windows reports it as 1,025.576,969b (978Mb) - strange.

      Should I be looking to update the bootloader, the TT website gives a slightly later version (5.5024 I think it was) as the baseline for this device?


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        Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

        This is what I find on Google: * TomTom XL "30 series" or "22" - UK model supplied with v8.010 (9369/080529) os190943 gpsv1.21 boot5.5011and GB+IR v815.2024 maps - 4EG0.001.00.

        If that is the one, we know what navcore it should run: 8.010.9369.
        Grab this one and extract it to your Tomtom. Since it is the original Tomtom file, it needs to be patched if you want to use downloaded maps.
        It has indeed bootloader 5.5011 inside so 5.5024 is probably incorrect. If there is no SD card slot, there is no reason to update the bootloader, though.

        Windows reports your memory as 978 MB since storage vendors do not calculate sizes in 1024 bytes, but 1000 bytes units. 1 storage Gigabytes is bytes (in this case 24 MB extra) and not 1.073.741.824 bytes.
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          Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

          OK, I've backed up, reformatted the TT and then used TTHome to reload the TT. It's now at (according to ttgo.bif):

          DeviceName=TomTom XL
          DeviceVersionHW=ONE XL (v9)
          DeviceUniqueID=AKSHJ .....

          which corresponds to the above post, so I don't think I need to download another navcore.

          The TT is currently just displaying "No Map" and TTHome is just showing a list of maps to purchase, so before I try installing a new map from here I'd like to reinstall the last map I purchased from TT so I can check the TT is working ok. I have it saved on the PC in a folder


          with files:


          There doesn't seem to be a way of getting TTHome to pick up these files and install them, so do I just copy the above map folder onto the TT or do I need to go via some installation process (or even patch the navcore and install the map using the tools described on here)?

          Many thanks for the help so far


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            Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

            I do not recognize the files and *.toc but I would think they come from the map folder.
            I would extract the zip file to its own folder (check that it does not create double folders, e.g. \United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland\United_Kin gdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland\) and then add the separate cab, gif and toc files to it as well. There is no other installing required and since the map was coupled to your device it should still work ok.


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              Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

              Thanks again Heijx,

              I couldn't get the previous map to work so I went ahead and downloaded a new one then used the tools (Alberts Easy Activator) to patch the navcore and couple the map to the new setup and it seems to work ok.

              All I need to do now is find an updated postcode file and install that, currently it's only working with the first 3 digits of the postcode. Is it simply a case of copying the new postcode file across to the TT or does it need to be "processed" via one of the tools to register it?


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                Re: Newbie - updating TT XL (30 series) / 330-1GB

                Here is the archive download location for the latest version:
                Just extract the files into the \zip folder, replacing the current files.

                Note that there is a cosmetic error in the .pna files which prevents TTHome from correctly identifying the version. They will work normally when using your Tomtom.

                This is how the PNA files look like:

                This is what they should look like:

                You can amend them with Notepad easily. Just note that the file should not be saved with an extra extension .txt, as Notepad tends to do.