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Formatting TomTom?

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  • Formatting TomTom?

    TT XL IQ routes

    While trying to get new maps to work i've managed to get my TT messed up.. After start up it informs that no map is found. I tried to return to my backup but it won't help.

    Is it possible to format the entire TT harddrive and get everything working again now that my backup file is not working either.. So i'd need to find ALL the files from somewhere here.. but where and how?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Formatting TomTom?

    The short answer is ...Yes!
    Its tempting to just leave it at that but that would be cruel
    Formatting is one option but then you've got to go hunting for all the stuff that doesn't come with a navcore (like postcodes etc) so the following might be easier for you...
    You'll need a navcore which tomtom will happily give you when you use the Home software so need to go hunting for that..
    You'll need a map and you've already got one of those (your backup map should be fine for this purpose)
    You'll need a tool to get it all ticking along nicely..I suggest Easyusetools which you've also probably already got?
    Here we go then:
    1) Connect to home and use manage my device to remove the "Application" installed (don't agree to make a copy as you don't know what's wrong with it)
    2) Now use update my device to get a new Application (that's the navcore) installed. Dont worry if you get map error reports when it starts up just reconnect to home and update again and repeat this process until it says there are no more updates for your device at which point you should have the latest official navcore designed for your device.
    3) Now you need to use your tool to do 2 things:
    (for this you need to be connected to your pc and know the extension of your tomtom eg: ( F: )Tomtom XL
    a) patch the navcore by hitting runmefordct and then choose option 1 followed by option 3 and just sit and watch it do its thing until it says its finished..
    b) crack your map by again using runmefordct and choosing option 1 followed by option 2.
    There ya go,job done! Now you know how easy it is why not grab the latest map and use that instead although make sure you check that it's compatible with your navcore. (also,don't forget that if you place the .ov2 files for the speed cameras that relate to your map inside it, before cracking as described at b) , you'll then have working tomtom camera alerts!)


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      Re: Formatting TomTom?

      OK.. i tried patching the application, but it didn't go through.. some files couldn't be copied onto the TT.There were some corrupted files in my TT, so i did full formatting (options: FAT, "defaulf size of reserved segment" (dunno how to translate that..), Full format)

      Now i tried to install the official navcore but i get the message: error while contacting server: forbidden.

      So now I'm starting at scratch.. what should i do to get it working..

      Thanks again for your help!!


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        Re: Formatting TomTom?

        The best place to get a better understanding is to go HERE and find the first post on the tread and start reading.

        Go to the link manually if the hyper link doesn't work: