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What is wrong with this Tom Tom

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  • What is wrong with this Tom Tom

    HI Everyone

    A friend of mine has a TOMTOM One XL, with the following details
    App Version 8.010
    OS - 1.90943
    Boot - 5.3026
    Map: Western_Europe 1 GB v.710.1561

    I told him to get a 4gb micro sd card but it does not seem to want to read the card. On the card I put my Truck Navcore and TRuck map. Now I know that it will not accept the card but it should at least read it :-(

    He wants to put the truck map on this card but Halfords, a local store that sell tomtoms, are telling him that his tomtom will not accept this 4 gb card.

    Will this tomtom support 4gb cards with this bootloader amd if so, how do we geta round this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: What is wrong with this Tom Tom

    Bootloader 5.3026 is too old for SDHC cards. He needs 5.5022 or newer. Best one to get is the 5.5128 or 5.5136. Worst one to get is 5.5130.
    Get the 5.5128 from the internet or from Tomtom itself. I would prefer the latter option since I know it is a trusted source.

    Download the above cab, open with Winzip or 7-zip or Windows explorer and extract the file called SYSTEM. (Not TTSYSTEM)
    Copy this to the OLD (i.e. SMALL) sd card and reboot the tomtom on it. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before attempting this. The bootloader will be upgraded and after another reboot the tomtom accepts SDHC cards op to 32 GB and higher.
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      Re: What is wrong with this Tom Tom

      Noi old sd card being used in TomTom, presume then that we load system file to root of tomtom itself if no card being used?

      Thanks for your info, its been a brilliant help :-)


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        Re: What is wrong with this Tom Tom

        Yep, load it onto the internal memory and she'll be apples.


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          Re: What is wrong with this Tom Tom

          Any luck brimo?

          I just wanted to add that the Tom Tom has to be rebooted without the SDHC card in it for the update to take.
          Then shut off, then reboot with the SDHC card in the reader.
          Yeah, common sense to some but it took a few "resets" with the card inserted to figure out what I was doing wrong.

          I know this thread is nearly a month old but I've been scouring for hours.
          Many complicated instructions/suggestions out there. One can really get lost...
          Thanks heijx for the simple to understand instructions!