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NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

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  • NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

    I have tried alot of them and at the moment am stuck with 9004 , and map 850_2781

    But the interface seems like a old navcore, id prefer it to be newish.. with the fancy buttons.

    Which other navcores are supported with the go 710, and have IQ, cspeach, ALG, ASR..and the usual stuff.

    If you can link me to a working patched or original version which i can patch.

    My tomtom spec:

    64 RAM
    GPS V1.20
    Boot 5.5138

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    Re: NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

    9.004 already has a new interface, except when you set it to an older mode in the setconfig.txt. (I assume you are running an SE version from TTUser). Set it to x40 or x50 and it should present you with newer buttons.
    On the other hand, you can also try the 9.011, 9.026 or 9.051 SE versions.


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      Re: NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

      Thanks, i will try to change the x40.

      Also if you dont mind linking me with these other navcores..

      Pm or here thanks.


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        Re: NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

        Make a full (Windows Explorer copy or zip) backup of your working configuration before trying a new navcore, so you can always go back.
        Better yet, buy an extra SDHC card for testing.


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          Re: NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

          Thank you,

          I have 2 cards, 1 is 4gb one is 2gb.

          Trying to work out the best navcore and map.

          Am struggling to get the WECE 850.2800 working...

          Just shows no map..


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            Re: NavCore for TOMTOM GO 710

            The 4GB one should be SDHC spec. 4GB SD (regular) cards will not work. Bootloader 5.5138 will read SDHC cards.

            For WCE 850.2800 you need the right meta code. There was one posted initially which turned out to be fake. Check the meta thread in the maps subforum.